FOS Western Tananger


Mary Krenz and I birded Mitchell Canyon today and saw our FOS male WESTERN TANANGER in the same Oak as a CASSIN's VIREO. Among each flock of mixed warblers there was a HERMIT THRUSH. Something I have noticed more this year. We had 7 warblers-  NASHVILLE, BLACK THROATED GRAY, TOWNSENDS, HERMIT, ORANGE CROWNED, YELLOW RUMPS,WILSON'S and Possibly a Yellow but I could only see the underside. Also PAC-SLOPE, ASH-THROATED AND WESTERN WOOD PEEWEE(H) Flycatchers. BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAKS, WARBLING an HUTTON's (h)  Vireos.Also heard were BLUE GRAY GNATCATCHERS.

Judi Sierra- Oakland

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