Fog Movements and Pine Siskins below Vollmer

Jim Chiropolos

Yesterday, from the window, we could see a Tule type fog blanketing Walnut Creek all day. Over the evening, the fog advanced and settled in right below the house at 1000 feet. With the fog break, I thought it would be an interesting morning watching bird movements as we started the cat walk at 6:45. At 7 am, following the edge of the fog break, a huge pulse of multiple waves of birds started moving. Over 500 robins, pine siskins, cedar waxwings and band tailed pigeons were on the move, all south, over the house (and some unidentifiable smaller finches). The fog was like a living creature, dipping to 600 feet at 7:30 am and then as the sun broke the horizon warming the air, the fog rose again to just below the house at 8 am.

Yesterday, I watched a pair of band- tailed pigeons copulate twice - will they be raising young here in December? I read they can breed three times a year but would be surprised with winter chicks.

I have started seeing small groups of pine siskins the last week but today was a big day for them. I have decided not to put out the nyjyer seed this winter as they are so susceptible to avian diseases at feeders. Finch seed is like fast food for them, they cannot say no. Hopefully, I will still see groups of them on an irregular basis but feeding siskins to see them would be selfish.

Jim Chiropolos
Orinda below Vollmer