Evening Grosbeak Deja Vu

Mark Rauzon

I saw a flock of Evening Grosbeaks fly overhead today around 10:30 at Sequoia Gate, Fern Ravine restoration site, off Skyline Blvd, in Joachin Miller Park near Chabot Space and Science Center. 
When I checked my records, last time I saw them before was on today's date 5 years ago at the same place and about the same number, 7 vs 9 coulda been 8 !  Amazing coincidence. Now that's getting to know your patch! 

Montane species are showing up downslope, like earlier we saw Pine Siskins in the lower canyon of Dimond Park and of course Red-breasted Nuthatches are having an 'irruption' year when they are everywhere, all owing to poor conifer cone crops in the mountains. 
Mark RauzonSausal Creek watershed