Emeryville Palm Warbler continues

Kirk Swenson

This morning on my way to the office I encountered the Palm Warbler in
Hollis-Doyle Park in Emeryville for the first time in a couple weeks.
(I've walked through the park several times in the past couple of
weeks en route to the train station or my office without seeing it --
I'd almost decided it was gone for good.) I found the bird on the 61st
Street side of the park initially, where it foraged briefly before
flying to the larger trees along Hollis St. Before it left, I had a
very nice of view of its rusty cap, which is coming in for the
breeding season. I followed it down to Hollis where I spent a very
pleasant five minutes watching it forage overhead and listening to its
song. The song is a bit twittery, somewhat reminiscent of the latter
half of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet song to my ear. Eventually it flew back
over to the 61st Street side of the park and then across the street to
the trees on the other side, at which point I decided I better get to
work. I did not see the Black-throated Gray Warbler in Heritage Square
Park this morning, but it was present last week so it's likely still
around as well.

Good birding,
Kirk Swenson
Davis <--> Emeryville