Emeryville and University Ave Tuesday afternoon


Thought I would try for the Tufted Duck near the fire station in Emeryville, and found Emilie Strauss with the same idea.  The light was horrible and it did not work for us.  Due to the low tide, though, the mudflat toward I-80 was wall-to-wall birds, just ta little oo far away to see clearly.
I headed north to University and parked along Spinnaker Way.  I had about 30-40 minutes to search all the pines but so no Red Crossbills.  I did have a female Townsend's Warbler, White-crowned Sparrow and several House finches.  The Finches made me take out the scope, then it was an, "Oh, it's Finches" moment. 

A Spotted Sandpiper was off the edge by the little traffic/parking circle at the end of the road--my consolation prize.

Hugh B. HarveyWalnut Creek