East Contra Costa

Ethan Monk

Hi All, a quick note--

This morning I birded Clifton Court Forebay between the parking lot and Eucalyptus Island. I was joined for most of the time by Srikant Char. Birds of note included 1 previously unobserved Goldeneye, 3 Willet, 1 Godwit, 1 Snowy Plover, and 1 Black Turnstone. The Black Turnstone is the first inland record for Contra Costa, and the first in the Central Valley since May 2019, when there were 2 at the Davis WTP--Yolo's third county record. And this looks to be about the 5th inland Contra Costa record for Snowy Plover. It was away from the water, sitting on the yellow lines on the levee road, before flying off to the North.