Downy WP update


Additionally, my Downy Woodpeckers (nesting in the tree in front of our house in north Berkeley) seem to have flown the coop. I first noticed the squeak of what I hoped were babies on May 1. The twittering seemed to grow louder every day but definitely seemed to be only 1 voice. When there was a change in pitch or tempo, you knew mom or pop had brought some food and you could watch them do the feeding. Essentially there was a never-ending racket from dawn to dusk, as far as I could tell, but it was quiet at night. By Monday morning, you could see the fledgling's head as it was being fed. Tuesday night when I got home, it was completely quiet! Yesterday morning, we did get a visit from a woodpecker, and it was Junior. The white patch on the back was "smudgier" than the grown-ups, and it had a red area on the top of it's head up near the bill rather than behind. I'm not sure if this means anything about gender. Otherwise, there really didn't
appear to be much difference than the adults, presumably a bit smaller but I doubt that much. Today, no woodpeckers. I hope they'll come back and visit sometime.

Jay Dodge