Coyote Hills Regional Park 4/13/10

George Chrisman

I stopped at Coyote Hills today in the early afternoon and found a WESTERN KINGBIRD on the wire fence near the entry kiosk. Best sighting of the day for me, was a pair of COMMON MOORHENS with 4 freshly hatched young in the main marsh at the end of the Quarry parking area. All six were visible, with both parents sounding alarm calls and fluttering their white outer tail feathers. They were only 10 feet from the paved trail opposite the small pond. An AMERICAN COOT also had a single hatchling 30 feet away in another clearing. It was a bad day not to have my camera.
Other interesting sightings form the Quarry Parking Area were 10 AMERICAN WHITE PELICANS relatively low over the marsh, one PEREGRINE FALCON, 6 NORHTERN HARRIERS at one time, 1 adult male CALIFORNIA QUAIL.
There were also 2 male EURASIAN WIGEON in the marsh near the bus parking lot by the visitor center, along with another WESTERN KINGBIRD that was flycatching from the tules, and landed in the water twice to catch prey.
There was also very light bicycle traffic and attendence at the park. The visitors center is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays making birding a little better due to reduced traffic.

Good Birding,

George Chrisman
Burlingame, CA