Coyote Hills/Fremont 3/10/10

Dominik Mosur

Tried for the Black Rail again at Coyote Hills this morning from 6:20-7:30 a.m., without success. Compared to my last attempt there were much fewer Virginia Rails calling as well.

I did see my first BARN SWALLOWS of the year flying over the Quarry parking lot along with a couple of CLIFFs and many Tree Swallows.

In the fields behind Nobel Drive I scoped through several THOUSAND gulls hoping to turn up something good. Mostly Herring and California present with some Glaucous-winged, Ring-billed and a couple of Westerns in the mix.

No sign of the Ferrug so I settled for a Loggerhead Shrike and (4) LONG-BILLED CURLEWS.

Also, there was a couple of Virginia Rails calling in the marsh north of the entrance to the Fremont dump, at the end of Auto Mall Parkway.

Good birding,
Dominik Mosur
San Francisco