Coopers display (and nesting Bluebirds)


I took a morning walk around San Pablo Park (south Berkeley) and am pleased
to report that the Western Bluebirds are almost certainly on eggs. The male
is feeding the female in the nest box.

High above, I watched a pair of Cooper's Hawks in display flight. Anyone who
hasn't witnessed this is sure to be surprised. The pair fly around each
other in big circles, stiff-winged, with deep (exaggeratedly deep) wing
beats, like Nighthawks; Their white rump feathers fluffed up like big puffs
of cotton. Then they broke their circling flight, went west for awhile, did
a mutual summersault, then east for awhile, another summersault, then more
circling. All with that loping, Nighthawk flight.

Rusty Scalf