Contra Loma R. P., Antioch - 4/5

Paul Schorr

Today, as Nancy and I were driving along the road to the entrance kiosk we saw two courting Western Kingbirds on the adjacent fence.

When we arrived at the boat launch area, we heard and then saw at least two male Bullock’s Orioles.  We encountered at least two more near Loma Island and an additional bird near the swimming lagoon, giving us an estimated total of six for the day.  

We were very surprised at the high count of Golden-crowned Sparrows we had for the day.  There were numerous flocks of many birds and our estimated total of birds was 75, more than our estimated total of 40 White-crowned Sparrows.  Usually we tally far more White-crowns than Golden-crowns.

Near the swimming lagoon, we had a calling Sora.

During our drive on the East Side Drive, two women walkers came upon a large snake which turned out to be a gopher snake about three feet in length.  They were pretty nervous about the snake and wanted us to give them a ride, but when I picked up the snake and offered to let them pet it, they were okay to continue their walk.  

Although it was quite breezy, it was a good day to be out.  We tallied 33 species for the day.  My eBird report follows:

Happy Birding.

Paul Schorr