Contra Loma R. P., Antioch - 9/3

Paul Schorr

Yesterday, 9/3, Nancy and I made a morning trip to Contra Loma R. P. In addition to the usual suspects, we had the following birding highlights:

Green Heron
American Kestrel
Greater Yellowlegs
Caspian Tern (3)
Willow Flycatcher
Pacific-slope Flycatcher
Yellow Warbler (at least six)
Wilson’s Warbler
Lark Sparrow (~8)

There are many Mallards at the reservoir, all in eclipse plumage and feathers are widespread.

My apologies for the late posting.

Note: Contra Loma R. P. is open on a walk-in basis only, vehicles are not allowed into the park. The closest parking is at the end of Frederickson Lane. Bathrooms are closed.

Happy birding,

Paul Schorr