Claremont Tanager

Alan Howe

I just got some new binoculars, so decided to try to see the summer tanager through better lenses. (They were definitely worth it!) Sure enough, I spotted him in the same oak just down the road from the rope swings. I didn't see him @ first, so gave a few whistles that I hoped would dimly approximate the tanager's call on All About Birds. He showed up a few minutes later--not that I know whether or not my "calls" had anything to do with that.

In that 1 tree, within 10 or 15 minutes, there were acorn woodpeckers, a pair of Nuttall's woodpeckers, yellow-rumped warblers, a spotted towhee & the tanager, many of them @ the same time.

I arrived there about 3:45 or so. @ around 4:30, the tree was empty. I assume everyone was finding their evening roost.

A lovely way to spend a late Sunday afternoon--& the sunset was pretty nice, too.


Alan Howe
North Oakland



I am an Italian birder visiting UC Berkeley for a couple of weeks.

I should have some free time this afternoon, and the forecast is no rain for today, so I was planning to go to Claremont Canyon.

The summer tanager wintering there (which would be a new bird for me) has been sighted lately?

I understand correctly that I should look for it along the lower part of the Stonewall-Panoramic trail?

Thanks for your help,


Alberto Marcone
Tavagnacco (UD)