Cattle Egret in Fremont

Kathy Robertson

Hi birders,

I finally made it out to Lake Elizabeth after work today to look for the
Solitary Sandpiper -- without success. However, as I was heading back to my
car around 7:30 pm, I decided to stop and look at the heron/egret breeding
colony on the island. As I started to scan with my scope, I had the
thought in the back of my mind, "wouldn't it be cool to find a Cattle Egret",
and, to my great surprise, the first white bird I spotted after sorting
through a few Black-crowned Night-Herons was, indeed, a CATTLE EGRET in breeding
plumage. I watched it for about half an hour as it moved around on the
island, hoping to see it join another CAEG (the bird was probably hoping for
the same thing). When I left around 8 pm, it was preening in the midst of
the Snowy Egret pandemonium.

Good birding,
Kathy Robertson
Hayward, CA