[CALBIRDS] Odd peep Richmond WTP, Contra Costa

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Date: September 1, 2019 at 1:47:06 PM PDT
Subject: [CALBIRDS] Odd peep Richmond WTP, Contra Costa
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Hi All,

Today, at the water treatment plant in Richmond, Contra Costa I found a peep (the only peep in the whole treatment plant, in fact) that immediately struck me as a semipalmated sandpiper. After a few more seconds, Mark and Lucas Stephenson raised the question of whether or not the bird was a Little Stint based on the slightly decurved bill that did not appear blunt as a typical Semi sand’s bill would. All three of us have limited experience with Little Stint, but we sent the photos around to a few, including Blake Matheson who felt that the bird’s facial pattern, bill shape, etc were more like those of a Little Stint than a semipalmated Sandpiper. By the end of my viewing in the field, I did feel that the bird could have been a Little Stint (although also could have been a Semi Sand). It was difficult to get good photos, but some locals are on the way now—they should get better photos. Poor digits attached in the eBird checklist below. We are still waiting on some opinions, and for now I do not feel comfortable definitively IDing this as either a Little Stint or Semi Sand, but I feel it is important to get the word out.

Opinions welcomed.
Good birding,

Ethan Monk