Briones Horned Larks

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Friday morning, took a hike in north Briones via Briones Rd. (accessed via Alhambra) and hiked the Old Briones Road Trail to the crest where it intersects Briones Crest Trail. Spotted a very cooperative male/female pair of Horned Larks for several minutes. A nice bench near this intersection gave great views of passing hawks such as Northern Harriers, Red-tails, and a White-tailed Kite. Band-tailed Pigeons were very abundant along this trail, spotting 3 widely separate flocks. Two California Newts were on the trail and dozens of their golf ball sized egg masses were in the ponds. A male/female pair of Gadwalls alighted in a small pond just south of the bench--a great duck for such a small body of water. Lots of bluebirds and meadowlarks (and buntings are common here in late spring too).

--Ted Robertson--