Briones from Bear Creek Road--Monday


Pat Mahoney and I made a large circular walk this morning looking for the Western Screech-Owl and the Lewis's Woodpecker.  We did not see the Screech-Owl in the Madrone on the way out, but continued past the archery range and over the ridge to the intersection of the Old Briones Road and Valley Trails. 

We hung around the Valley Trail for 15-2- minutes looking in the snags for the Lewis's woodpecker, but all we could find was Acorn Woodpeckers and lots of Western Bluebirds in the dried thistles.

We returned on the Old Briones Road Trail, which is probably what we should have used to walk out.  We waked up and over a considerable ridge, which was nice, but not necessary.

We had some other nice birds along the way, including a small flock of Wilson's Warblers almost right off the bat, Heard Wrentits, Ash-throated Flycatcher, an upset American Kestrel being harassed by two hummingbirds, T Vultures and Red-tailed Hawks. 

Pat walked back to the Screech-Owl tree at the fork to Homestead Valley, while I continued to the parking lot and a hoped for lunch date with my friend.  Peter and I called off lunch after I finally contacted him by phone, but Pat sent me a very nice photo of the Western Screech-Owl in its hole.  Good for her persistence.  

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek