Breeding notes from Walnut Creek


In the absence of Hugh Harvey, a couple of local observations.
The Western Tanagers that I reported in May have finally departed, after staying somewhat longer than usual.
The local Red-tailed Hawks have successfully fledged two young, whom one can observe (from Cherry Lane) standing up in the nest.
Acorn Woodpeckers seem to have a nest in the telephone pole at the corner of Cherry and Walden which they have been using as a granary for years; at least they have been going in and out of a nest-sized hole.
I noted two Brown Creepers together on a tree next to the creek concrete channel by the 7 Hills Ranch Road bridge.
On Homestead Road this morning there were two immature Western Bluebirds, with an adult male who looked somewhat scruffy.
Not particularly charming, but interesting: there was a group of 6 American Crows in one of our birch trees this morning, feeding at least one (gape visible) young.