Brandt's Cormorant, Eurasian Widgeon, Lark Sparrow and Migrants-Alameda County


Me and Eric Pilotte went out birding on March 28th hitting the Berkeley
Pier, Garin Regional Park, Coyote Hills and Arrowhead Marsh. The
weather was absolutely amazing, we had the pleasure of meeting several
great birders and even found some good birds. The highlights are
listed below and will also be posted on Ebird.

Berekeley Pier (in the morning, waiting for Eric)
2 Common Loons
1 Brandt's Cormorant (about halfway down the pier diving close to the pier)

Garin Regional Park (birded both north and south of Jordan's Pond)
4 Wilson's Warblers
10+ Orange-crowned Warblers
1 Black-head Grosbeak
2 Bullock's Orioles
3 Pacific-slope Flycatchers
8 Warbling Vireos
1 Townsend's Warbler (singing)

Coyote Hills
1 Eurasian Widgeon (presumably a first year male coming into breeding
plumage, gray body with a pale red-orange head and light buffy
forehead, seen at the pond opposite the visitor center)
1 Bullock's Oriole

Arrowhead Marsh
1 Lark Sparrow (Flushed from the road as we drove in, landed on the
fence with 2 House Finches right near the Burrowing Owl hills)
2 Caspian Terns (Flying around and calling)
2 Clapper Rails (both seen at low tide)

We headed back to the Berkeley Pier to pick-up my car and walked out
the pier one more time. We were able to see the Brandt's Cormorant
again (at least for me Eric never got it in the morning since it flew
towards San Francisco before he arrived)

Good Birding,
Zach Baer