Bluebirds and Cedar Waxwings

Edward Tanovitz

I went to San Pablo Park in Berkely for a quick visit to find the bluebird nesting box. I couln'dt find it, but did see one Western Bluebird in a bare tree and on the ground at the south end of the park.

A large flock of Cedar Waxwings have appeared during the last few days at the Emeryville Marina. Go all the way out Powell Ave. to the 2nd toilet building. Just North of it is a fire pit area. The Cedar Waxwinigs were in the bare, just leafing out Poplar trees and across the road in some very dense small trees, and were very active.
Also, seen in the general area were a Robin, Yellow-rumped Warblers, White Crowned Sparrows, Song Sparrows.
Ed Tanovitz, Emeryville