Black Oystercatchers, San Leandro Channel


Apparently all the riprap Alameda had to add to the Bay Farm Island
shoreline to prevent the Bay from reclaiming its own has created feeding
habitat for Black Oystercatchers. I've seen a group of 5
oystercatchers along the shoreline for months. The sightings are often
but occassional anywhere along the one mile bike/pedestrian path on Bay
Farm Island from Shoreline Park to the Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal.

On Monday afternoon, I watched the group as it bathed and then hunted
the rocks near Shoreline Park. Here is one preening after a bath.

It was low tide and only the San Leandro Channel contained water. Elsie
Roemer Sanctuary to the north was a vast mudflat. I think bathing
becomes attractive under these conditions because the remaining waters
are "fresh" and are the drainage of San Leandro Creek (at
Arrowhead) and East Creek (at Garretson).

The bird abundance of Elsie Roemer across the way (viewed with scopes
and binoculars) is best seen from Shoreline Park which is at the
intersection of Seaview Parkway and Brunswick. It's best to Goggle
Map the intersection for location and directions as the streets are not
on a grid pattern.