Black-and-white Warbler, Miller/Knox (8/28)

Phred Benham

Hi All,
This morning I found a female Black-and-white Warbler in the hills above the boardwalk at Miller/Knox regional park. Bird was first found along the Old Country Road trail here: 37.916429, -122.381294. The bird then flew upslope a little ways and I had to bushwhack a bit to get some photos of the bird. I last saw it about 9:20am, here: 37.916223, -122.380670. It was hanging around in pines under the power lines that run along the ridge.  Originally seen actively foraging with a small flock that included red-breasted nuthatches, wilson’s & yellow warblers, and hutton’s vireo, it split off and was foraging alone. 

I think it could likely stay in the area, but may be tough to see from a trail. It seems to sticking in pines and the area where I originally found it or further up slope along Crest trail may be the best bets.

Good birding,
Phred Benham
Pt. Richmond