Bird Behavior below Vollmer

Jim Chiropolos

I watched some interesting bird behavior this morning. During the morning catwalk, I watched a Bewicks wren catch a huge cicada type bug that was maybe 5/8-inch long and over 1/4-inch in diameter. The wren spent over 5 minutes subduing the cicada and then breaking off the wings and then battering the bug into bite size pieces. Before watching this, no way I would have thought a wren could eat a bug this big! What a bonanza for a meal! One meal for this bird today instead of 75 smaller bugs?

Later in the morning, I watched a loose procession of Stellars Jays fly from one tree group to another. By the time I was done watching, I saw 21 Stellars Jays. They kept up a constant chatter, but no way I would have thought there was over 20 in the group. As I watched them, I thought even for the common birds we do not know a lot about their behavior. Stellars jays are Resident in the neighborhood - were these resident or migrating birds? Was there a super food resource here to draw multiple groups? How do the jays communicate to create these large groups (because clearly they do)? So many questions.
(There was no predator)

I will keep watching!

Jim Chiropolos
Below Vollmer in Orinda