Biking Lake Elizabeth, Nobel Drive, Coyote Hills

Derek Heins <derek.heins@...>

Jim Chiropolos and I tried a new biking route on Saturday, starting at
the Fremont BART station and headed down to Nobel Drive and then north
to Coyote Hills and up Alameda Creek to the Union City BART station. The
highlights started almost immediately as we spotted a single Wilson's
Snipe in the marsh just south of the BART station and then a Hooded
Oriole along the bike path a couple hundred yards later as we headed
towards Lake Elizabeth. At Lake Elizabeth our only highlight was a
Lincoln's Sparrow along the railroad tracks. At the ponds at Nobel
Drive we had 2 American Bitterns, Cackling Goose, Common Moorhen and
Blue-Winged Teal. In the field south of the ponds we saw 2 Burrowing
Owls and the Golden Eagle being pestered by crows as it perched on a
hill of sand/rock. We tried turning a Red-tailed Hawk or two into a
Swainson's with no success. At Coyote Hills we enjoyed watching a male
and female Northern Harrier perform some mating routines while an
immature harrier flew nearby. Along the ride we also had four swallow
species and a single White-throated Swift.

Derek Heins