Bald Eagle over Oakland

Lori Arthur <loriarthur61@...>

Hi everybody. Today, at Brookdale Park in Oakland (at the end of Nevil Street, near 38th Avenue), I got a distant but identifying view of an adult Bald Eagle flying over the eastern part of the city. I noticed it while I was looking east(?) toward the hills, soaring on a thermal with a Red-tailed Hawk. It nicely showed its all-dark body, typical eagle shape with bulged-back wings, and bright white head and tail. After a couple of minutes, it left the thermal and glided northward until I lost it behind a stand of trees.

Also interesting at the park were Townsend's Warbler, Brown Creepers, a very vocal Bewick's Wren, and male American Goldfinches in full breeding plumage.

-- Noah Arthur, Oakland