Bald Eagle - Chabot Regional Park


Today I biked from home in Piedmont to bird Redwood Road starting at Skyline Blvd. out to the Bort Meadow entrance to Anthony Chabot Regional Park. While birding in Chabot I saw an adult Bald Eagle soaring to the east. About a half hour later as I starting biking back I probably saw the same bird soaring over Upper San Leandro Reservoir. At the same spot I had a window through the woods down to the reservoir and in the little space were two Wood Ducks.  It was an enjoyable ride and I was surprised how few people were in Redwood Park, one of my stops. Plenty of Wilson’s Warblers riding down Redwood Road and in Redwood Park too and the overall bird activity along the stretch from the intersection of Redwood Road/Canyon Road to Chabot Park was crazy.  No pishing required. 


Derek Heins