Ash Throated Flycatcher at Huckleberry Preserve...

debbie viess

...late this afternoon, flycatching and returning to perch on the highest bare branch, as you look north and stand at the south end of the parking lot. Brown head with an inflated crown, pale throat, darker back and wings, no white patches on flanks. Erect posture, big-headed, largish size. First time seen here. Called several times, in monotone series of sharp piks! in series of twos and threes.

Saw and heard several bandtailed pigeons in big madrones, clumsy as fledges but in adult plumage.

Hairy and Nuttall's woodpeckers heard, as well as a flicker.

Heard a Stellers jay do a poor imitation of a redtail, then two beats later saw a redtail fly over my sheltered position. Predator specific warnings??!

Disappointed to not see the eagles on the com towers, until I saw one in the air....who circled lazily over Round Top several times, then rose effortlessly in a sine wave to perch upon a tower strut.

Pink star flowers everywhere, and even some small, black, dimple-capped, pink-gilled, moss-dwelling Leptonia mushrooms.

Life is good.

Debbie Viess