Arrowheads Brandt

Jim Chiropolos

I have taken a liking over the years for the Brant that had been a fixture at arrowhead marsh the last three years or so and am disappointed if I do not see it on a visit to Arrowhead.

I saw Mark Rauzon today at Mt. Trashmore (more in a separate post later) and we were taking about the Brant. Mark told me he photographed the bird in the last month or so and when he examined his photos, the bird’s primaries were damaged and it could only fly short distances - which is why it has stayed at arrowhead so long.

This bird has delighted both birders and non-birders with multiple people seeing their lifer Brant and non birders enjoying “look at the baby goose!” (Brandt)

Today when I biked by in the morning the Brandt was with a large group of Canadian geese in the fenced off portion of the marsh. It was being harassed by 4 crows. It was quite brutal as the brandt ran back and forth among the larger geese with the crows tag teaming the harassment. I watched for 4 minutes and could not stand watching any more and left.

This was definitely predatory action by crows (not ravens). On my return I did not see the Brandt but did not search hard. It can be a tough world out there.

Jim Chiropolos