and another Bald Eagle in Paicines, near The Pinnacles.


Driving along Cienaga Road near the entrance to the Thousand Trails RV park we spotted a Bald Eagle up the hill on the west side of the road, sitting on top of a pine tree like it owned the world.  Never moved from its perch so we hung out for about 15-20 minutes, watching it through binoculars, soaking it in.

Later on at De Rose winery we talked with the owner who said that there were nesting sites nearby.

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On Saturday, November 23, 2019, 4:18:17 PM PST, Carla <dindelion@...> wrote:

On the heels of the Bald Eagle sighted above Briones Nov. 17, was fortunate
to see another adult above Coyote Hills, Saturday Nov. 23! It was soaring
with two Turkey Vultures and had the unmistakable markings of white head
and tail and brown body, with a large yellow bill. After the TVs peeled
off, the Bald Eagle circled above for several minutes so we were treated to
some nice eye candy!

For the birds,
Carla Din & Doug Mosher