American Bittern, Marsh Wrens and lots of Hooded Mergansers


I went back to Marlin pound and Springtown wetlands in Livermore and the American Bittern that Alex Henry respotted a few days ago was still there (could be the same one I saw in October). It was near the Springtown boulevard bridge, in a fluffy ball. It was visible from the bridge looking towards the West (away from the Marlin Pound Park) along the stream. An American Coot and a couple of Mergansers were hanging with it. I looked at it for a long time and made a little movie when it was fishing, it licked its beak after each catch. There was the road nearby, the Bittern didn't mind the noise even when motorbikes sped by and the American Crows and Hooded Mergansers flew away. I also spotted two Marsh Wrens very close from the trail (I heard them first). There were also many hooded mergansers both male and female and they were super active, I think there was a lot courting displays with the males showing off their raised crests and being very vocal. Very fun to watch. Great place for birding, lots to see. To see some photos of the American Bittern, here is my ebird listing:
Happy birding,