A Band-tailed Pigeon fell out of the sky today

Zac Denning

My wife was on a walk in Tilden this morning, and while watching a group of Band-tailed Pigeons flying over, she saw one bird in the group just drop (uncontrolled) from the sky, bounce off a tree branch, then hit the ground, already dead. Photo: 

I’m guessing this might be due to avian flu (my wife didn’t touch the bird). It was shocking and truly sad to see. 

My understanding is that avian flu is so far mainly affecting non-passerine species as well as domestic fowl like chickens, though any bird (as well as non-avian wildlife, and in rare/sporadic cases, humans) can be affected. It’s truly troubling, and the last thing bird populations need right now. 

I’m wishing better health for all our feathered (and human) friends. 

Zac Denning 

David Yeamans

Re: HPAI, Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza. The USDA forbade import of avian products from Canada in June or July this year but they ignored the 20 million snow geese that were flying over the border. USDA somehow came to their senses and allowed harvested and packaged waterfowl to come across with us hunters in possession.

I seem to have immunity from the HPAI given my lifelong exposure to it.

It was really an interesting sighting of the dying in flight band-tailed pigeon. Thanks.
Dave Yeamans