Briones Reservoir, from Bear Creek Staging trailhead


This morning at Briones Reservoir (from Bear Creek Staging Area) Joe Eaton and I saw some noteworthy behavior.

 **  An Acorn Woodpecker battle. Apparently rival clans fighting over an acorn laden grove of Live Oaks. That's our guess anyway.  3X as many as is typical for the hike. We know that Acorn Woodpeckers battle over breeding vacancies and perhaps that's what was going on. But we got the impression it was a food resource battle. My goodness! It went on and on, with chasing, shouting, threatening. Pandemonium.  In the din it was hard to hear anything else. I had to strain my ears to follow a chipping warbler that turned out to be a Townsends.

 ** A loud splash which directed our attention to a Great Blue Heron taking off from the lake surface with labored wingbeats, a good sized fish in it's beak. I wish I had seen the actual strike on the water.  Was this a kingfisher-like dive on a live fish? a dead fish taken from the surface? We'll never know.

 ** an early Lincoln's Sparrow

 **  an early Ruby-crowned Kinglet

  **   9 White-crowns and 13 Zonotrichia sp.

Rusty Scalf