Big pelagic weekend - very warm water offshore.

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hello all,


    First of all, my first Golden-crowned Sparrow of the fall arrived today! Nice. But tomorrow we head offshore, with three trips in a row until Sunday. The trip tomorrow and Sunday have several spots open still. Note that we have this unusually warm blob of water a few miles into the Pioneer Canyon. We hope to find that water and see what is in there. Sometimes this warmer water can have birds and fish from offshore or more southern climes. Sometimes it does not! Of course, any unusual situation, in this case what looks like “Albacore Grounds” within reach get us excited. The weather is good, tomorrow there is a bit more breeze to keep the birds in the air, but low to moderate swells. Sunday is quite calm. Least Storm-Petrel(s) were seen in Santa Cruz recently, and that will be a major goal, to find the Black Storm-Petrel flocks and rifle through them for Least.

  If you are interested in seeing what is out there and if can reach that warm water here is where to book:


good birding, look up… may be hawks flying today.




Alvaro Jaramillo