Summer Tanager, Gyuto Foundation, Richmond

Alan Krakauer

Yesterday I got a brief obscured look at a tanager along the forest trail at the Gyuto Foundation. I assumed it was a Western Tanager, but after getting a much better look at what I think is a female SUMMER TANAGER today I think that's what I saw yesterday as well. The bird seemed to have a brownish-yellow back, yellowish belly, large tanager bill, and no sign of wing bars. Unfortunately I was there doing invasive plant removal today and didn't have my camera, but I'm going to go back today and tomorrow and see if I can find it.

Directions: The Gyuto Foundation is at 6401 Bernhard Ave, Richmond, 94805
It is open to the public daily from 9AM - 8PM.

There is a short forest loop trail that starts in the redwoods by the entrance and comes back through the playground/prayer wheels. Towards the far end of the loop are several scattered plum trees with fruit and the tanager was in one of those both times I saw it (along with various woodpeckers, robins, grosbeaks, purple finches, etc).  There was also a free flying budgie there today.

I hope someone else can get a photo of the bird!

Alan Krakauer
Richmond, CA