Franks Dump yesterday (Sunday)

Lawrence Danos

I was out there with my fiance at the end of Winton St. It was low tide - very low. We had to walk the dog-walkers trail out because Maggie (our poodle) was along with us. We saw a turkey family (3 or 4 chicken-size chicks) along the channel going out towards the Bay and there was one snowy egret in the channel. The mud flat was extremely large extending northward for at least a half mile. The curious thing is there was not a single bird on the mud flat. There were some visible in the distance where the mudflat ends in the Bay. I think we were able to identify two white pelicans with a few more white birds in the distance. We had no scope to get better views. The thing is the flat was like a birds ghost town. A strange sight for me.