Alameda County bay side areas today

David Yeamans

I wanted to capitalize on high tide and early morning light at the Emeryville Marina, especially the high tide roost. The roost was, as always, packed with dunlins, willets, and marbled godwits. Jim Chiropolis was kind enough to show me the single red knot. It looked very much like the dowitchers when both have their heads tucked in. The big find for me was on the western shore where there were 3 COMMON LOONs. Photos are at

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Ballena Bay -- PELAGIC CORMORANT and other birds.

Middle Harbor Shoreline Park -- SHORT-BILLED GULLS, canvasback, SNOW GOOSE. The juvenile flew in with some Canadas but swam to shore to be among his black and white cousins, the avocets. I had a hearty laugh over this juvie trying to fit in with the avocets.

Elsie Roemer -- lots of peeps and other interesting birds. Most interestingly, I found Gus, a student on vacation from Brown University who came out to practice rowing with the teams nearby. He's in line for a scholarship to CAL for crew. He was keen on birds so I had a good time showing him things in my scope.

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