Misidentified Tennessee Warbler in Booker Anderson Park

Sam Zuckerman

On Sept. 11, I was birding Booker T. Anderson Park in Richmond early in the morning, when I thought I found a Tennessee Warbler in the willows along Baxter Creek. I took a photo, then lost the bird. I thought I found it again in the same location, took more photos, and became convinced that my bird was in fact a Warbling Vireo -- and so reported it on eBird. Now, the eBird reviewer suggests I have photos of two different birds, a TEWA and a WAVI. I'd be grateful for people to look at the photo of the birds now identified as TEWA and WAVI and see if they agree. Here's the checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S94508873. 
Birding never ceases to amaze! Thanks to all. Sam