Monday morning birds


A Red-shouldered Hawk called near our house very early today.  It almost caught me unaware, since we have not heard it for a while.

A bright Yellow Warbler was in Heather Farm Park, along with four of the five common herons.  I heard that another birder had all five.

Two of the young Wood Ducks were seen on the island, but none of my birding buddies was around to let them know.

Since Thursday morning I have seen twice and heard twice an Acorn Woodpecker between the big pond and the equestrian area.  They were common in the park until the middle and south ball fields were built 20 years ago.  There is a family located in the south Cherry Lane/Seven Hills Ranch Road/Walnut Boulevard area, so maybe there is some expansion of territory.  It could also be an expansion for acorn gathering, as some have commented on the lower numbers of acorns this year.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek