Leopard Sharks - Emeryville

Jim Chiropolos

I walked the Boardwalk part of the Emeryvillle Powell street area and I saw at least 30 presumed Leopard Sharks in the shallow water at a low tide in multiple locations. If you scanned the water, projecting dorsal fin and tail fins were everywhere. Based on kayaking, I know this count is very low - there were likely hundreds.

No bait fish were present breaking the water and the sharks appeared to be slowly rolling at times. Is this a breeding, spawning or migration event? There were no fast movements I would associate with feeding. I have only seen this here several times before, buts its quite spectacular to see sharks maybe 4 feet or bigger within 30 feet of the boardwalk.

To make this a completely proper post a singing male Western Tanager was calling in the yard over the three day holiday weekend, but appeared to have departed today as no females were present. The bird sure liked the red bottlebrush blossoms when not singing!

Jim Chiropolos
Emeryville and Orinda