mystery no more: re help with mystery warbler(?) song - Pine Canyon, April 30


Thanks to all who weighed in on the mystery warbler. There were 2 votes for Yellow, 2 for Nashville and 4 for Black-throated Gray. In addition Cornell's Birdnet app came down heavily for Black-throated Gray. And, a friend sent me a recording whose sonogram matched the sonogram of our recording perfectly. So I think we have it.

Thanks to the two of you who mentioned Birdnet! I had heard of it but not used it and totally forgotten about it. It's great! I used it while on vacation in the Plumas Nat Forest 2 weeks ago. Also, on 2 recordings I made at Lake Lagunitas last week. Both were BT Grays! I even got to see one of them. Who knows, I might even be getting the BT Gray buzz down but that's probably overly optimistic!

Kitty Whiteside