Black-chinned Sparrow- Mount Diablo

David Nickerson and I birded Mount Diablo today. David heard a Black-chinned Sparrow downslope on South Gate RD at the GPS points:


We were able to get good looks. Pictures in Ebird report. Had 2 Bell’s Sparrows a little further up from the Black-chinned spot. They were about .5 mile below entrance kiosk where Bell’s have been seen in the past. 

We also birded the Green Ranch RD area and had another Bell’s Sparrow, a Hermit Warbler along with 2 Yellow, 2 Townsend’s, 1 Orange-crowned and 2 Wilson’s warblers. Plus a male and female Lawrence’s Goldfinch that were hanging out together. Possibly a breeding pair. 

Good Birding,

John Blakelock


Visited the Black-chinned Sparrow site on 5/24 and found the bird. The site is technically in a No Parking Zone.

Steve Buffi

Joe Morlan

Singing male Black-chinned Sparrow still present this morning.


Dropped pin:

Also managed distant photos of a singing Bell's Sparrow...

...up the road closer to the entrance gate.
Joseph Morlan, Pacifica, CA