This morning on the Hayward Marsh (Winton)

Lawrence Danos

I walked out along the channel at the end of W. Winton St. about 8:00am this morning. It was almost high tide and experienced some raptor experiences:
1. A northern harrier flew low only about 30 feet in front of me. This was on the way out to the Bay.
2. A red tail hawk sat on top of a bush within 25 yards from me and screeched a "Welcome to the marsh" tune. On top of the north landfill hill along the trail.
3. A red tail soaring with turkey vulture high above the landfill hill.

Also the channel had about 10 snowy egrets tending to business in the channel along with several mallards There was one great egret at the channel's bay end. Song sparrows were numerous along the trail over the landfill mound on the way back to the parking area. There were many other small unidentified birds.