Orinda Connector and Bear Creek Trails, EBMUD watershed


This trail head is just a bit northeast of the intersection of San Pablo Dam Rd., and
Bear Creek Rd., and on most maps is simply labeled Old San Pablo Trail. It 
winds through protected watershed, and features some spectacularly beautiful 
(perhaps in a haunted sort of way) old growth mixed riparian.

First encountered: three Orange-crowned Warblers, two Wilson's Warblers, and a
Warbling Vireo. The canopy and mid-level hosted at least a couple dozen Chestnut-backed

Following the above, I found a Swainson's Thrush near the creek. Later, I would see two, and 
hear three more Swainson's.

As with the Nimitz/Inspiration trails, earlier, Spotted Towhees were in abundance. Nuttall's, Hairy, and
Acorn Woodpeckers were added along the hike. Before getting to the foot of the Briones Reservoir spillway,
I had Violet-green, Barn, and Cliff Swallows. Prior to walking out, I spotted a pair of Ash-throated Flycatchers,
and a Pacific-slope Flycatcher, confirmed by call. 

I should visit more often.

Good birding!

Tracy Farrington
Walnut Creek