Blue Grosbeak and Black-chinned Hummingbird - Bethel Island - 5/4

Paul Schorr

This morning we birded again with our son who is visiting from CO.  We started at Creekside Park in Brentwood, but birding was quite slow.  However, we did locate an Anna’s Hummingbird nest with the female on the nest.  In addition, we found an active Bushtit nest.

We continued on to Bethel Island where we birded along Bethel Island Rd.  Along the road we had numerous Western Kingbirds and tallied six for the day. We checked closely for a possible Cassin’s, but to no avail.  There was also a Belted Kingfisher that flew from one of the several ditches along the road.   Near the junction of Bethel Harbor Rd. and Bethel Island Rd., we had close views of a male Blue Grosbeak.  Beyond the junction, there is a low area on the east side that continues to have some water in it.  There we saw two Avocets.  

We continued further north on Bethel Island Rd. to the stand of large willows on the west side of the road and spent considerable time there.  We spotted a Black-chinned Hummingbird perched on the wire on the east side of the road, and  it frequently reappeared on the wire during the time that we were there.  Other birds in that area included Bullock’s Orioles, a Black-headed Grosbeak and a family of California Quail that numbered about ten.  On the east side of the road we had a Green Heron fly by.

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Happy birding,

Paul Schorr