Sylvia Sykora

This just in from DFW:

Good morning,

Thank you for the message. We're still receiving a few reports of mortality each week, but thankfully, they've been slowing in recent weeks. I'd suggest waiting until at least May 1st to rehang the feeders to help minimize mortality. We're essentially waiting for the pine siskins and American goldfinches to migrate out of the state, which occurs over the course of a few weeks usually in April and May. Once the outbreak has subsided, it's generally recommended that bird feeders and bird baths are thoroughly cleaned outdoors at least once a week, and more often if there is heavy use by birds. Disposable gloves should be worn and hands should be thoroughly washed after disposing of dead birds, and handling of bird feeders and bird baths. More information is available at the links below.


Krysta Rogers
Senior Environmental Scientist
Avian Specialist

Wildlife Investigations Laboratory
California Department of Fish & Wildlife
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