Yellow-bellied and Red-breasted Sapsuckers at Lake Anza

Lee Friedman

I am reasonably sure that the same Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (young male) first reported at Lake Anza in January continues there as of today. It looks almost exactly identical, except that from the front there is some red now visible in its crown. Today it was very close to the beach entry gates on the lake side of the trail that goes down to the bridge over the spillway. When I saw it in January it was about about 100 feet closer to the spillway bridge, still on the lake side of the trail.
There was also a Red-breasted Sapsucker foraging just on the far side of the spillway bridge.
The pair of Common Mergansers were still on the lake, and Tree Swallows also graced us with their presence. 
Good birding,
Lee Friedman