Rufous-crowned Sparrow - Black Diamond Mines R. P., Antioch - 3/8

Paul Schorr

Today Nancy and I spent the better part of the day hiking and birding at BDMRP. Finding a pair of Rufous-crowned Sparrows along the entry road was the highlight of the day. However, there were some other noteworthy sightings among the 36 species seen or heard:

Rock Wren: seen from the pullout near the fire trail gate which is approximately 1/4 mile south of the old Mueller Ranch buildings which are being restored. The wren was seen on the large boulders in a gully east of the road.
Female Slate-colored Junco among the 50+ Dark-eyed Juncos seen throughout the day.
Red-breasted Sapsucker
White-tailed Kite (pair)
American Kestrel
Cedar Waxwing: 25+ were seen foraging on toyon berries along the entry road.

Good birding.

Paul Schorr