Waterfowl and Shorebirds Galore at Crab Cove Beach in Alameda

Karen Miller

If you are wanting to see a lot of diiferent waterfowl and shorebirds in one trip, Crab Cove Beach in Alameda is a good place to go. I live by the beach and go birding there often. In the past week I have seen:

Surf Scoters
Bufflehead Ducks
Ruddy Ducks
American Wigeons
Small Grebes
Western Grebes
Marbled Godwits
Snowy Egrets (I haven't seen a great Egret in a while)
Blackbellied Plovers (they have a white belly in the winter)
Black Turnstones
Blacknecked Stilts
Black-crowned Night Heron (I haven't seen a Great Blue Heron in a while)
Brown Pelicans - most are gone right now but there is a pair that is still hanging around.
Canadian Geese

I am sure there are a lot more. I am fairly new at this and there are a lot I have not identified.

Crab Cove Beach is at the end of McKay Avenue in Alameda, CA. McKay is a block long and deadends into the beach. If you walk to the end of the street and keep walking, you will see Crab Cove on your left and another cove on your right. You will be on a land spit that separates the two coves. There tends to be a lot of shorebirds along the beach and rocks of the cove on the right. There is no way down to that beach, but you can see the birds from the paths. Crab Cove has a nice beach and there are usually a lot of shorebirds there. The waterfowl are in both coves. I use my binoculars but with a scope you could probably identify even more of the waterfowl. I think coming when the tide is about 3/4 of the way in is good as the waterfowl are close enough to see with binoculars while there is still enough beach for the shorebirds to hang out and feed.

Have fun!