Heather Farm Canvasback male Jan. 25


The big surprise for me today was seeing a male Canvasback on the large, mostly natural pond in Heather Farm Park.  Our MDAS President, Jerry Britten, happened to be in the park and was photographing it when I left.  His eBird report will be here eventually:  https://ebird.org/region/US-CA-013/activity?yr=all&m=

Jerry told me he did not see the female Wood Duck in the pond near the private Seven Hills School.  When I went to look, there were two River Otters cavorting in the pond, which explains that.

Over a week ago I first saw a Song Sparrow on the west side of the big pond, not unusual for the park, but this one was different because it has absolutely no tail.  I have seen it three times since, including today.

The light was really good today, and the ring of the Ring-necked Ducks was showing on a few of them.  The Common Goldeneye continued in the concrete pond in front of the rose garden.

It was a 5-heron day for me, with Black-crowned Night-Herons and a Great Egret on the island, Green Herons flying around, a Great Blue originally on top of the gnarly oak, and a Snowy Egret at the school pond.

Heather Farm Park is in the Ygnacio Valley of Walnut Creek.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek