Barn Owl grabbed by a Common Raven


There have been many posts about Barn Owls lately so I feel compelled to share one more story.
It is a sad owl story I witnessed a few days ago. One of the first bird I photographed this 1st of January was a Common Raven with a fluffy ball in its beak. It was in Point Reyes. He flew above my head and landed further out on a field. I snapped a few photos, they weren't that good, but I was intrigued by what it was carrying in its beak. At home, I found out that it was a Barn Owl, at least that what I think. The photo shows the owl face and its beak. It is quite small so I wonder if it could be a young bird. I'd be very happy if I made an ID mistake.
Here is my listing from that day where you can see the photo (under Common Raven):

Susan Heckly

It looks like just the head of an adult barn owl. Probably scavenged from an already-dismembered carcass would be my guess.